A Lesson from the Ice Road Truckers

Last night I watched Ice Road Truckers on the History Channel, if you have not seen the show before you can learn all about it here, www.history.com/minisites/iceroadtruckers.  It is a series about these truckers who brave the Arctic winter to drive their 18 wheelers on frozen rivers and ocean.  Talk about having guts, these guys was hauling up to 70 tons of equipment on 38 inches of ice in the episode I watched.

I just can’t imagine the nerves of steel you need to have to do something like that.  Just watching them last night made me appreciate the weather we have here in Pittsburgh.  I hate when the weather hits 50 degrees, I definitely can not imagine 40 below.  I would have so many layers of clothing on that I wouldn’t be able to move.

It was neat to see them drive on the ocean and rivers, the highway looks just like any other highway except it is on top of water and there is only 36 inches of ice between you and freezing cold water.  It takes a lot of courage and confidence to drive those big rigs on ice. 

When you start your own business you need to be like those Ice Road Truckers.  They move forward at a steady, consistent pace so they can reach their destination alive.  That’s what you need to do with your business, always move forward at a steady consistent pace.  Everyday you move forward you are one step closer to your goals and dreams. 

There will be days when it seems like your goals and dreams will never be accomplished but those are the days when you need to fight through that feeling and take a step forward.  If you are having trouble moving forward on those days remember what Helen Keller said “We can do anything we want to if we stick to it long enough.”  If that doesn’t help you just remember you could be in the Arctic driving trucks on the frozen ocean in 40 below weather.

All the Best,

Rick Hyde

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