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The Living Dead

July 12, 2008

I was ready to start working on my post for Friday’s blog when I let my dog Bella outside.  The neighbors behind us were outside and they hollered over that there was a strange dog they found wandering around the neighborhood.  As I looked over to answer them here comes this medium sized brown Shar Pei mix over to see me.  What a friendly dog she was except she didn’t seem to want to be friends with Bella.  So I put Bella inside and we sat on our back porch trying to find this dog’s owner.  My neighbor drove around looking for someone that was driving around looking for the dog but with no luck.  The next thing I know it is midnight.  Our neighbors took the dog back to their house for the night and I went to bed.

I was thinking about the dog being scared and nervous because she couldn’t find her way and it made me think about how most of us walk around like that poor dog in life, lost.  We never find one person let alone three or four that can help us find our way so we walk around like the living dead.  If you are thinking “what in the hell is he talking about”, take a moment and think about your life.  Are you living your dream?  Is your job or career something you dreamt about?  I bet in most cases you do dream about your job or career… but they are called nightmares and directed by Wes Craven.   If you are living your dream then stop reading I’m not talking about you. But if you aren’t then keep reading. 

Okay you say, I’m not living my dream but I’m not lost, I make it home everyday.  (If you are a guy like me then you are never lost and need directions.)  In high school and college we have counselors that are supposed to help us decide on a career path and guide us in the right direction.  Well I don’t know about you but mine didn’t help guide me very well.  There are a lot of people who will have different views of their school counselors and that’s great, you are the lucky ones.  If you didn’t have very good guidance about a career in school I bet you still don’t. 

Finding a person or a group of people to help mentor you in life is very important.  Maybe it is a senior manager in your firm that you respect and admire or a very successful friend but it is important to find someone that can help you find your way.  Another avenue that you can use is a personal coach.  A down side to having a personal coach is they cost money but I have talked to a lot of people who say it was money well spent.  That’s a personal decision you have to make yourself.  Just being involved with like minded people can help you find your true calling and passion.  If you have a mentor or coach then you can sit down and talk on a regular basis about what steps you need to take to reach your dreams and goals.

I hope that you are not lost in your career or job and that you have a mentor but if you are lost and realize there is something else you would rather do just remember that it is never to late for you to go after your dreams.  Find someone that can mentor you and start walking among the living.  If you have no clue where to start looking for a mentor just shoot me an email and I will be glad to help you anyway I can.

Wishing you the Best,


Do You Have Passion

July 8, 2008

I read an article written by William J. White titled “Do You Have Passion…For Your Profession.”  As I read the article I had to reflect on my own career and how I got to where I am now.

Way, way back when I was in college I spent more time taking up space than I did studying.  I had no clue what I wanted to do when I grew up; I just knew I wanted to be a millionaire.  That’s a great goal to have but it helps to have some kind of idea or plan to get there.  Yep, you guessed it I didn’t have any clue let alone a plan.  As I struggled with what I wanted to do with my life I made a very bad decision.  I decided on a career for all the wrong reasons….Money!!  Now you may think what’s wrong with that, well nothing if the career you pick is something that you are passionate about.  In my case it is not a field that I am passionate about so there in lays the problem and why the article struck such a nerve with me.

I am sure that there are a few of you that are in the same boat as me and here is the whole point of this article.  Find what you are passionate about and go for it. For the past 15 years I have been in a career that I am not passionate about.  Only in the past five years have I found my passion and realized what I wanted.  I realized that what I really wanted is to be a motivational speaker, writer and business owner. As of June 3rd I am a business owner with the launch of  With these articles being published on the blog I have become a writer, now all I need to do is give some speeches and I would have completed the triple play.  Although I am not where I want to be yet I am on my way.  I still have a job that I am not passionate about but each evening I take another step towards my real passion in life.  That’s all it takes is one step at a time.  Believe me I know it’s not easy to totally go in the opposite direction of where you are now.  It’s scary and I am sure that you have doubts about your ability to succeed.  You are not alone; we all have the same fears and worries. 

That’s why it’s a good idea to have a support system.  People that will encourage you and pick you up when you’re feeling down, it is not always easy to find like minded people to hang out with.    In today’s world it is easier to find people that are like minded with the internet and a little bit of searching.  I am fortunate to have two guys I work with that are like minded, we all have a passion for being entrepreneurs and together we developed a community for entrepreneurs,  It’s not easy but we have taken that first step towards a new beginning and living a life of Happiness.

All the Best,


Having the Belief and Courage to Succeed

June 28, 2008

“I’ve never met a person, I don’t care what his condition, in whom I could not see possibilities.  I don’t care how much a man may consider himself a failure, I believe in him, for he can change the thing that is wrong in his life anytime he is prepared and ready to do it.  Whenever he develops the desire, he can take away from his life the thing that is defeating it.  The capacity for reformation and change lies within.” – Preston Bradley

I believe that quote to be 100% true.  I don’t care where you come from, what kind of life you have had; if you want to make a positive change in your life and become successful you can do it.  I believe that if one person has accomplished something then anybody can do it.  All it takes is for you to believe that it can be done and go do it.  There are so many examples of individuals that had terrible childhoods but inside they had a desire to succeed.  That desire leads them to make the necessary changes in their lives to become the person they dreamed of becoming.

Every one of us has the ability to become whatever we want to become in life.  All it takes is encouragement, belief and hard work.   I hope that all of you have the belief in yourselves to grab a hold of your dreams and achieve them.  I have all the faith in the world that every one of you will reach all of your dreams and goals!

Wishing you much success!

Rick Hyde

Walt Disney, Michael Jordan and Colonel Sanders

June 27, 2008

What do Walt Disney, Michael Jordan and Colonel Sanders all have in common?  They each had huge dreams for their lives and before each one could see their dreams come true they had setbacks that stood in the way of achieving their dreams.

The two most important things to learn from these guys are

1. You need to have dreams, not just dreams of going to Steak-n-Shake on Saturday but big dreams.  As Donald Trump says “As long as you are going to be thinking anyways think big!” 
2.  What you need to learn from those three guys is, never quit.  All three had disappointment on their way to achieving their goals and dreams.  They didn’t quit they kept going step by step until they reached their goal.  Walt Disney said “if you can dream it you can do it”

I know it is hard to keep going when things go wrong but that is what separates the average person from the successful person.  I am not where I want to be at this point in my life.  I let all kinds of distractions side track me from my goals and dreams, but just because I lost focus for a little bit I never gave up on my dreams.  Each day I take another step towards all of my goals and dreams.  I know it will not be easy because there will still be plenty of mishaps that get in the way. 

A great book to read is “A Setback is a Setup for a Comeback” by Willie Jolley.  That book will give you great examples of people overcoming adversity and will also outline steps that you can start today that will change your life forever.

Well I hope for my first real post that I gave you something to think about and you find it worthwhile.  As you can probably tell I love motivational quotes and books so guess what most of my post will be.  I just think that having a positive attitude is crucial in obtaining success.  Every day we deal with negative in our day to day lives which can lower our moral.  The more positive we hear and see the better our attitudes and lives will become.

Wishing you the best!

Rick Hyde